How Modern Barn Doors Maximize Your Health & Safety Efforts

When designing your office, home or commercial space, the area is most functional when every aspect of the design is just as healthy, useful and well-considered as the other. When you’re using your area to house a large variety of advanced equipment, space quickly becomes a concern. Barn-style door hardware from Specialty Doors will save the day for you in this area.

A Brief Overview of Barn Doors

Barn doors are amazing pieces of hardware that can do anything and everything, and everyone should have at least one in their house or commercial space! (They make great dividers for a basement, for example.) In fact, when shopping for them, you might notice that they come in a variety of styles. While some look like the original barn doors that inspired them, others have a more modern look—and some even have features that reduce physical hazards.

Keep others out of harm’s way

Barn doors save many feet of clearance. Unlike a swinging door, there is reduced risk of bystanders having to move aside (or even being hit) as they surround you.

Children are most vulnerable. Needless injuries a lot earlier in life will affect them a lot more as they grow up. They desire a lot of space to run around and play. The more clearance the door allows, the less the risk of a hazard. Barn doors are essential for this purpose.

Reduce heating and cooling costs

Barn door hardware, by occupying only vertical space, serve as dividers that allow natural flow of air in and out of rooms, and more effectively help you regulate temperature. It saves you A/C costs you’d otherwise be spending for only one room, not the other.

Allows natural light

The eliminated swing room also means natural light can fully shine through an unencumbered opening.

Smooth sliding and operation

Advanced barn doors from premium manufacturers operate smoothly and very quietly, with an industrial precision that gives you a confidence of operation, and a confidence that you’ve made a smart investment. Long-term smooth movement is a sure sign of safety.

Reduced contact with handles

Stopping the spread of viruses has always been important to health and safety, especially in public spaces where there’s all sorts of foot traffic. Health emergencies, such as viral epidemics and pandemics, only heighten the alertness necessary to prevent transmission of disease, which most often happens through touch.

When you replace swing doors with sliding doors, you reduce contact with handles. You don’t have to constantly hold it to open it: you just lightly touch the handle to set the door in motion, and then if needed another light touch to secure it.

Investing in a barn door with Soft Close can especially help this cause. It reduces contact even further; the only touch that is needed is to set the door in motion, and the door automatically secures itself into a tight position.

While disinfecting surfaces is always a must, sliding doors with soft-close make a space safer.

Choosing sliding doors

Choosing barn door hardware can be intimidating, but with a supplier that provides actual professional advice on what to order, you’ll get hardware that is easy to install and a perfect match for your space.

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